Thursday, 28 December 2017

Looking forward to 2018 !!

Well 2017 hasn't been very easy.......

So many health issues to contend with, chasing around one hospital after another (even 2 in one day).

This day last year I mentioned to my mum as she was visiting me, that the lady in the bungalow in our street was planning to move in with her daughter, and I suggested that she might consider buying it.
Such a nice little place, all nicely decorated, light and cosy. Also being next door-but-one; I would be able to see her more often, helping her and arranging for help with cleaning, gardening, etc. So, we visited it and she LOVED it!! So, after much discussion and negotiating, she bought it. It sounds so straightforward when I tap it out on the keyboard like that..... as obviously it took a LOT of work for me, dealing with the solicitors, agents, sale and purchase; and then of course the move itself... sorting, packing etc. Mum moved in April, 3 days after the exchange of contracts, so it was very full on.
But now she's here and settled. the dogs love it, we can shop, chat, swap food, etc..
Looking back, I can't believe that its all happened in 12 months.

But 2018.... See's a family delivery in January, and a wedding in the summer.
A new baby means - makes, makes and more makes; requests, and surprises.....
Here is an example, a soft crocheted rainbow blanket for the nursery...


I've got lots more things to add, but I'll save them for another day......

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Beautiful Day!!

Today, inspired by the lovely and bright sunny day we have here in the East of England, I'm taking a few minutes to share with you my latest card.

I couldn't share it before as it had to fly to Germany and await the 2nd Anniversary date of Katie & Simon.
But now I can post it here and I hope you like it.
I have used a Create-a-card from Crafter's Companion with Centura Pearl cardstock, and a piece of paper and embellishments from my stash.
The Create-a-card is a lovely way to make a striking card and I needed to keep it fairly flat so it could go by airmail. I hope they liked it ;)

Next time I will share a couple of my fall recipes with you.... I'm addicted to Pumpkin puree, which is available in my local Sainsbury's at this time of year.....

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Long Time no see!!

Hello All,
I can't believe how long it's been since I posted anything here. I'm not sure if anyone will have even noticed, but for anyone who has visited and been disappointed- 'A BIG fat SORRY!!'
My days are filled with lots of odd jobs and looking after my husband, visits to various appointments and other incidentals.

I now have my Mum living near, and she seems to be settling in well and it's great to be able to pop in regularly, and help her with tasks more quickly.

I have another Shitz Tsu, Darcie and she is adorable. Lilly my older one loves her and they play all the time. They make us laugh. Each with their own big characters. They are also great company for Nick.
This time of year they come in from their walks, wet underneath and a large assortment of leaves attached. Their favourite game at the moment is to chase each other through the leaves. They love it soo much, I can't be cross with them!

So, here is a little picture of them from the summer......

Now I'm off to do some housework, and I'll endeavour to share some new thoughts with you soon.
Maybe I'll post some of my new recipes.. that I've been enjoying recently. ;)

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Take a pack of Calender Tabs and.......

So, There I was rummaging in Denny Bros Card Art dept for inspiration and opted for a pack of 10 Anita's Calender tabs.  This was accompanied with comments of "What do you need 10 tabs for!!" and other similar derogatory remarks.  But undeterred I sat in my craft room and mused for a while....
Along with some grey card bought at the same time and some beautiful papers from my stash I got down to work. And here it is.... No 1....

This inspired Katie to start making calenders too... so my stash of 10 tabs started to diminish..but we were having so much fun.  It's very inspiring , having a deadline. Well it is isn't it, 2013 calenders you need to use them!! No good keeping some for next year.  One for each room?  NO I think pressies :)
The envelope style pockets are DL size so letters etc can be stored in them.
So, here are the others... so far...well mine anyway, can't show Katie's....

So, there you are, not the best images, not showing the 'sparkliness' properly, but that's winter light for you... But I hope you like my ideas.....
Now let me see.......2 tabs left what next?

Monday, 1 October 2012

Toreads have arrived in my Craft Room!

I So love these little Guys, whenever I want to chill I colour one in, then when I feel like untidying my craft room, I'll rummage around for papers to make up a card with them.  It's totally addictive. Problem is.... I won't want to part with any of them.
I was a bit like this years ago when I had a little Troll which went everywhere with me, especially to school :)  only prob was.... I was about 15 at the time :( never mind I'm still about that age inside anyway......

Thursday, 19 January 2012

My Lovely Little Bureau

So, This is it!! a sweet little veneered bureau, rescued from a neighbour's house clearance.
She had been much used and was well worn. My other half kindly took her away and carried out much needed repairs...... I new she had potential, and I gave it a lot of thought.....

and came up with this makeover, which I hope you all like. It has a French theme......

I used green emulsion from a tester pot ( or 2) PVA and cream emulsion for a crackle effect on the outside. Inside I used some papers from a selection given to me and Spellbinders Fancy Tags 3 shapeabilities for the front of the drawers. I coated it with a satin acrylic varnish for protection. I also covered a box with matching papers, which is sitting on the top.

It now has pride of place in our reading/ study area looking out to the garden.

So now you know what I have been doing.... :) xx

Sunday, 15 January 2012

I cant't believe it's been so long!

What can I say! I've been absent without leave.
But now I am preparing to share with you some of the things I have been making.
Although I haven't actually blogged for a while, I have still been creating, so watch this space....